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Next Generations STEM Day

Next Generation STEM Day 2023! 

Thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered this past weekend at Next Generation STEM Day! We had a great turn out with 35 middle school students who competed through a variety of engineering stations to earn points for their team!

BMEG/CHE: Reaction Balloons and Model Spines: We used baking soda and vinegar to produce a chemical reaction that inflated balloons. The participant with the largest balloon earned the most points for their team! The model spines were made out of egg cartons and pipe cleaners to demonstrate how their own spine works and moves! 

CE/IE: Ferris Wheels: The groups competed to see who could build the fastest Ferris Wheel from popsicle sticks!

CS/EE: Rainbow Spectroscopes: Using a variety of materials, the students built their own spectroscopes to learn about the light spectrum and how we use it in STEM!

MAE: Parachutes: The students got to choose how to assemble their parachute with different materials in order to hit a target and earn points for their team!

Thank you to our amazing NextGen STEM Co-Chairs, Abbie Lieving and Isabella Hart, for planning this event!