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                                          SWE officers 2016   

Jenna Image
Social Events : Jenna Henry

Madison Thompson image
Awards and Grants: Madison Thompson

Sabrina Image
Professional Development: Sabrina Ridenour
Mechanical Engineering
I love SWE because "SWE has opened so many opportunities for me and has given me life-long friends."
Rachel image

Fundraising: Rachel Ridenour
2nd Year
Industrial Engineering 
"SWE has empowered me to embrace engineering even more."

Membership: Maggie Krasney
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
I love SWE because it is an amazing way to promote STEM based outreach!
Denna Image

Community Service: Denna Davari
Industrial Engineering Major
I love the friends and support I've found through SWE. 
Erin image
Webmaster: Erin Hull
Computer Science

Julie Image

Historian: Julie Peng
Chemical Engineering 
I love SWE becasue it connects women engineers from around the world, and gives us incredible opportunities. 

Historian: Anna Cokeley 
Mechanical Engineering

Anna Gilpin image

Historian / Engineering Formal: Anna Gilpin
Biomedical Engineering 
I love SWE because it has given me the opportunity to meet friends within engineering, get involved in the college, and interest young girls in pursuing a STEM education. 
Eilish image

Girl Scout Day: Eilish Miller
Chemical Engineering 
"I love SWE because of all of the opportunities that it has offered me and all of the outreach to get young women interested and involved in SWE."
Ashley image

Girl Scout Day: Ashley Konya
Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering 
I love SWE because it has given me the opportunity to meet and befriend truly inspiring women, as well as offer me a lot of unique opportunities. 
Krista Image

Murder Mystery Lunch: Krista Kutzner
Civil Engineering 
I like how SWE gets the younger girls involved and interested in STEM and the opportunities for career advancement. 
Aubrey image

Murder Mystery Lunch: Audrey Weiss

8th Grade Day: Rachel Dubriwny
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
I love SWE because it allows me to inspire young girls to consider careers in a STEM field.