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Members of SWE may have the opportunity to attend numerous conferences, including SWE Annual conferences, regional conferences, leadership summits, etc.

WE22 was in Houston, TX from October 20th-22nd. We had 12 members attend!


WE21 was in Indianapolis, Indiana from October 21st-23rd. We had 14 members attend in person and 3 members attend online!


The national conference, WE20, was held virtually.

In 2019, SWE was able to attend WE2019 in Anaheim, California.


In 2015, WVU SWE hosted the Region G Conference.

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The group has just returned from the Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee in October of 2015.

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February 2017, WVU SWE attended the first ever WE LOCAL, held in Pittsburgh, PA.

Girls meet with esteemed speaker!


Career Fair ready!

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