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Girls' Stem Day

  • Girls' STEM Day 2024:

    We are so grateful for all the amazing young minds who joined us for Girls' STEM Day! With the help of the Statler College, we were able to ignite curiosity and a passion for the STEM field in our future innovators.

    One of the many electrifying experiences of the day was using potatoes to create a circuit to power up a small clock. The next adventure brought us to the mesmerizing world of lava lamps where each student created a homemade lamp using oil, water, food coloring, and an Alka-Seltzer to create the bubbling effect. After this, we floated our way down to the tin foil boat station where students created a boat design to learn about structural integrity and buoyancy. Lastly, we flew through the hallways to create a clothespin airplane to show students the importance of balance and basic aerodynamic principles that go into every flight.

    Thank you to our Girls’ STEM Day Co-Chairs, Gabrielle Tobias and Elizabeth Willenborg, for planning this year’s event. We appreciate you both so much! 

    Throughout the day, we not only explored the wonders of STEM but celebrated the creativity and collaboration of others. Together, we were nurturing the next generation of problem solvers. We hope that you keep dreaming, exploring, and breaking barriers in whatever you choose to do! The Future is Bright with you in it, and you have the power to change the world!

    GSD 2024