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Girls' Stem Day

  • Girls' STEM Day 2024 will be March 2nd.

    GIRLS’ STEM DAY 2023: February 25th, 2023
    We had another amazing Girls’ STEM Day this year! K-5 students spent yesterday learning about all things STEM and engineering! 
    BMEG/CHE: Insta-snow in the Lab: We used lab instruments and safety tools like beakers, goggles, and gloves to make colorful fake snow!
    CE/IE: Geodesic Dome: We built a model geodesic dome using gum drops and toothpicks! 
    CS/EE: Snap Circuits: We put together several different circuits working with real tools like switches, wires, and electricity! 
    MAE: Candy Gear: We built working gears with gum drops and marshmallows and learned how gears are used in the real world! 
    Thank you to our GSD co-chairs, Kayna Anderson and Taylor Brown, for planning this year’s event! We appreciate you!


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