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Leadership Conference

Leadership Conference Fall 2023 was November 11th!

This year’s annual SWE Leadership Conference went extremely well! We invited different Statler organizations, and the event was open to all students interested in learning about leadership from the perspective of women. We had three speakers, Jennifer Spencer and Hannah Archer with Whiting-Turner, and Philomena Krosmico speaking on her career. The theme of the event was “Overcoming Adversity’’ so each speaker covered the leadership tactics they employ when faced with adverse situations. Attendees got to take a quiz to discover their leadership style and what that means. They also got the chance to compete in trivia for 1 of 2 $10 chick-fil-a gift cards. Overall, the event went wonderfully and it was so much fun getting to talk to people about their experience with the event. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we are grateful to everyone who helped make the event such a success!

Thank you to our incredible leadership conference co-chairs, Sophia Baird and Grace Neller, for planning the event!